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Alta B's 83rd Birthday Celebration in 1980 - our first Alta B weekend!

Alta B’s 83rd Birthday Celebration in 1980 – our first Alta B weekend!

Alta B Weekend


July 25th & 26th, 2020


We have spent the past few weeks discussing how we can best pull off our annual celebratory weekend, which serves as both an homage to Wagner matriarch Alta Button (seen here at the inaugural Alta B Day in 1980) and our largest Customer Appreciation discounts.

Given increased regulatory guidelines and our determination to keep staff and customers safe, we are altering our offerings for Alta B Weekend to the following:

  • The winery, brewery and café will be open normal weekend hours and operate under current protocols, including reservations for indoor tastings of six or fewer and first-come, first-serve outdoor seating for flights, glasses and bottles (all requiring a small food purchase.)
  • We will offer the best pricing of the year with deep discounts starting on all wine bottle purchases of 12 bottles or more, and deeper discounts at 36 bottles or more. Orders can be called in at 607-582-6450 for curbside pickup. 
  • Alta B Day online won’t change! You will still be able to order 12 or 24 regular-sized bottles (limit 24 bottles) and pay $0 for shipping on Monday, July 27.

Alta B at her 83rd Birthday Celebration in 1980

Alta B at her 83rd Birthday Celebration in 1980

We hope 2021 will bring a return to a more traditional Alta B Weekend, but this year, our priorities are safety and an appreciation for our customers. Your support during this trying year (talk about an understatement) has been nothing short of incredible.

Alta B Weekend is our annual celebration in memory of Bill Wagner’s mother, Alta Button Wagner. The first Alta B Day was held in July of 1980, as Alta’s 83rd birthday party. We have continued this tradition and we invite you to celebrate with us! There is no cover charge or tickets required, but it is a very busy weekend and tasting reservations should be made with our online form in advance. In the gift shop, you can also take advantage of the best discounts of the year on wine, beer, and gift items.

Alta B Wines

Alta B WinesWhen Bill Wagner set out to create a wine for his mother, Alta Button Wagner, he discovered that what she really wanted was not a fancy wine for the aristocrats, but a truly great wine for real people, full of flavor and not overly dry. Simple and elegant, but down to earth just like Alta B. herself.

Alta B Red was the first with Alta B White and Alta B Blush following to form our trio of sweet, fruity & refreshing Alta B wines.

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